Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, “No” The cost of using our service is minimal considering increased revenue and the efficiencies you will gain in your operation after implementation. By using WAVSTAR, you can eliminate or avoid processing multiple systems for functions already included in WAVSTAR. Contact us for pricing.
Yes, with our intuitive platform your team can start using the system in minutes with minimal training. The system includes online help on every screen, a knowledge base you can search and an 800 number to call for support - all included in your monthly fee.
Your company will be set up with a base set of users in 30 minutes! For companies with a large cluster of stations, it will take a little longer. WAVSTAR can import your existing client list so your team may begin working immediately.
Yes, WAVSTAR will work on mobile devices and all browsers.
Yes, your team will be able to create a quote, print it and get the customer’s signature before leaving their office. The team back at the station will have instant access to your quote so they can get started right away.
Yes, your team will be able to create a production order from any mobile device and the team back at the station will have instant access to begin production right away.
Yes, access to all components of the order are available instantaneously. When contracts are marked as sold, sales and traffic managers are notified immediately.
Yes, WAVSTAR is designed for organizations with diverse geographic footprints - stations and employees can be in multiple time zones.
No, the platform is designed for browser use and scales well on all mobile devices.
There are no special requirements. Utilizing a cloud-based system eliminates the need to make huge upfront investments in software, hardware, and licensing. All you need are your existing computers, mobile devices, and web access.
WAVSTAR currently integrates with Natural Log and Marketron traffic systems for radio. We are adding other systems as well - call us to discuss your requirement.
Yes, WAVSTAR is available to radio for barter through our partnership with AdLarge Media.